Monday, 9 July 2018

5 Wireless Communication Technologies

 Wireless communication and innovations have influenced our lifestyle to a great extent and this time its wireless ways of data transferring that are topping the trends. There are many wireless ways that allow you to transfer files, photos, movies and more without wires and at times without internet too.  You can share files, movies, videos, just about everything from one mobile to another by establishing a secure private connection with the other mobiles.

Let’s have a look at 5 wireless ways that lets you transfer the data fast:

Wi-Fi: With Wi-Fi one understands wireless internet communication which is absolutely correct and with its full form one always come up with “Wireless fidelity” which is absolutely wrong! Wi-Fi is not an acronym is just another term used to refer to IEEE 802.11x technology. Wi-Fi enables one to communicate over an internet connection without wires.

How it works:
Wi-Fi technology runs on radio waves and works in a specific range generally 50 meters. It sends and receives radio signals in a particular frequency range of 2.4 GHZ to 5.0 GHz with the help of a router. Wi-Fi is a product of Wi-Fi Alliance and works on the same line as a LAN connection but without wires. The standards for establishing a Wi-Fi ecosystem are set by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). To set-up, a Wi-Fi connection one needs a router that can transmit signals. With Wi-Fi connectivity, one can share data through emails, and data sharing apps like Whatsapp, Hike, and Messenger.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth too, requires radio waves to send or receive data.

How it works:
Bluetooth devices do not require any internet connectivity as they work on an altogether different mechanism. Bluetooth creates a private connection with other devices through radio waves in a short distance range. It works on a 2.4 GHz frequency range. You simply need to pair the two Bluetooth enabled devices to share the data and files.  

Pendrive: Pendrives are portable, wireless and fast means of sharing data to other devices.

How it works
One simply needs to connect ones mobile/laptop/computer with a pendrive and you are done! The moment you plug in a pendrive into your device you create a gateway for the data to flow. Align all the files that you wish to share and they will be transferred instantly. This medium is secure and fast plus you neither need internet nor are required to pair the device.
NFC: Near Field Communication

How it works:
NFC is the quickest and the most secure method to share the data. The technology is not common and is only available in phones that belong to the high-end segment. Two phones need to be in contact at a point where the NFC chip is located and this will work as the data flow gateway.
How it works: The connection gets established with the NFC chips and it does not require an internet connection. The moment two NFC chips comes in close contact they get activated and the device is ready to share or receive the files or data with the other device.

Data Transfer Through Apps: Apps like “Shareit” and more are also facilitating data transfer among different smartphones.

How it works: Apps like “shareit” establish a local personal network with the nearby devices to transfer the data. One does not need an internet service to connect with other devices in the ecosystem. The app uses the Wi-Fi radio network to transmit signals. 

These are all the options through which one can share files and data with other devices wirelessly. Today, smartphones come with all these sharing features attached. Explore the wide collection of such refurbished smartphones at and grab the opportunity to own these latest phones at best market price.


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