Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tips for Online Mobile Phone Shopping

Online shopping has added comfort to our lives! Today, we can buy things as basic as grocery to as significant as phones and laptops from the comfort of our drawing room. Just a few clicks on the internet gives to access to thousands of brands and products. Talking specifically about online mobile shopping you can explore many interesting options. For instance, you can read about the technical specifications of smartphones, compare them, book the upcoming phones in advance, sell old phone online, buy accessories, buy the refurbished version of an expensive phone and do lots more. These virtual shops also offer some amazing discounts on mobile purchase. Plus easy returns and refund policies definitely make you feel confident about your purchase as they act as a remedy in case of any post-sale query.     

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before you click the “Add to Cart” option

  1. Reputation & Genuine Products: Checkout only the reputed websites to buy mobile online as they have genuine products plus have satisfactory and prompt pre/post-sale services. Prefer the websites that guarantee genuine and quality certified products.  
  2. Warranty: Visit websites that offer a warranty on refurbished, unboxed and preowned smartphones. Websites like Yaantra offers 6 months warranty on all smartphones that belong to the above mentioned categories and also offer a huge discount.   
  3. Wide Inventory: Choices don’t spoil you they give you a chance to choose the best from many! Always look up to the websites that have a wide inventory of branded smartphones as they will give you multiple options to choose from.  
  4. Easy Return and Refund Policy: Websites with easy return and refund policies enable one to register their complaints about the product if any. Such policies are customer centric and empower them to return the defected or wrong product.

Also, create a checklist on the following features:

  • Operating System: A smartphone user has lots of choices as far as OS is concerned. Android, Blackberry, Windows, iOS are some highly popular Phone Operating Systems. You can select from all these options depending upon your personal user experience.   
  • Camera: Smartphones are the new tools to capture the special moments which is why all the big brands focus on incorporating a high capacity camera that offers HD pictures. 13 MP, 16 MP and 20 MP camera phones are currently in vogue as they offer pictures in high clarity.       
  • Price: If you have a budget then all the brands have a smartphone in that budget to offer. Big brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola and more are launching their flagship phones in the low budget segment also. Now you get the best of technology features even at low budget too.   
  • Screen Size: Screen size matters the most when we talk about the overall experience of a user. One needs a big screen to stream the latest videos, movies and do video calling. Screens that are 5.5” and above offers better clarity and display which ultimately enhances user experience. Big screen phones are in vogue these days and all the big brands are now coming up with phones that feature 5.9”, 6”, 6.2” and 6.4” screen.   
  • Battery: If you are always looking for chargers and power banks then it’s time to break up with your old smartphone and upgrade to the one that comes with a high capacity battery.
  • Brand: If you hold a special place in your shopping cart for any specific brand then going online is the best decision. You can access the inventory of that specific brand by using the search filters.      
  • Memory Capacity: Memory capacity is a much sought after feature as we need a lot of space on our smartphone to store pictures, movies, videos, games, and apps. To enjoy all this and more we need to have enough space.

If device upgrade has been on your mind for a while now and you have been delaying it because you don’t have the time to find and visit the store then you are welcome online! Visit a reputed refurbished mobile store to buy branded smartphones at best prices.     

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