Thursday, 26 April 2018

Signs That Tell: Your Smartphone Needs a Repair!

Well, like all bad happenings, smartphone problems too give warnings in advance, you just need to look closely for these warning signs or pray for good intuitive powers! Though smartphones are highly intelligent and fast, they are just machines at the end of the day and are bound to develop glitches time to time. These delicate devices demand careful use and in the absence of that, they can go really grumpy! If your smartphone is grumpy and not processing your commands then it’s time to reach out to experts.   

Here we are listing some common symptoms that tell that your phone needs help: 

Do you know when your phone asks for help the most:

 When you charge it overnight: It’s a smartphone and it disconnects itself after getting charged! So, you are only wasting electricity!   

When you play games continuously or watch movies for hours without a break: Overheating happens when a smartphone is continuously in use. You must give it a break at least for 5 minutes even if you are doing some important chore.  
When you drop it every day without fail: Hold it tight as these unintentional drops/falls/slips can put in a deep trouble.

When you download Apps from Unauthorized Sources & Unnecessary Apps: Battery saving apps, fast charging apps, performance boosting apps, anti-virus apps and many more are of no use and don’t do wonders for the device. They just consume battery, memory and impact its performance.  

Another incident when your smartphone asks for help is when you send and receive hundreds of good morning messages every day! Please save your phone from this good morning attack. As this is unnecessarily stuffing your memory and slowing down the system.

All above-mentioned incidents and many other can cause problems in your smartphone. But, now you need not worry about anything as Yaantra is expanding its services and is adding many more convenient facilities like doorstep repair in its portfolio. Customers can visit the nearest Yaantra repair center in their city for any sort of assistance on smartphones. You can also book our quick and reliable doorstep repair services wherein our best experts will reach your preferred location and can replace the cracked screen, mobile motherboard and any other damaged part of your phone.


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