Monday, 26 March 2018

DIY Repair Tips for 5 Common Mobile Phone Problems

You don’t need to rush to a local repair shop to resolve minor faults in your smartphone. There are many common issues that can be fixed at home with little know how and guidance. With increasing dependency on smartphones the numbers of support services are also on an increase. These support services offer repair services for all hardware and software faults. But why pay when you can DO-IT-YOURSELF! Scroll down to know the common problems and their easy solutions that can save you a lot of money and time.    

Mobile Overheating

  • Simultaneous working on multiple apps and windows
  • Not turning off the power button even after complete charging
  • Continuous gaming, talking on the phone
  • Faulty Charger
  • Improper Ventilation for the processor

DIY Solution/Maintenance Tips:
  • Turn off the phone for a few minutes and restart if possible
  • Please turn off the apps that are not required
  • Disconnect the phone if its charging
  • Remove the back cover to provide space for processor’s ventilation 

Unresponsive Screen

  • Pressing the screen too hard
  • Multi-tasking
  • Damaged Screen

DIY Solution/Maintenance Tips:
  • Do not put too much pressure on the screen, be gentle
  • Multi-tasking can hang the phone & make it unresponsive, it’s better to close the not required apps
  • Invest in a protective phone cover and tempered glass screen

Slow User Interface

  • Virus that has reached your device via any other untrusted devices
  • Low internal storage
  • Old Software

DIY Solution/Maintenance Tips:
  • Use trusted devices to share & receive data
  • Add a high storage memory card to enhance the capacity and unburden the system
  • Go for system updates, as they will fix minor bugs and faults

Quick Battery Drain/ Slow Charging

  • Old Battery
  • Slow charging
  • Battery drains out quickly

DIY Solution/Maintenance Tips:
  • Buy a new battery
  • For quick charging turn off the smartphone
  • Turn off the location, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi when not in use

 Problem Catching Signals

  • Accumulation of dust around the signal receivers
  • Too many apps

DIY Solution/Maintenance Tips:
  • Regular cleaning
  • Remove unwanted apps to enhance the efficiency of the device

So if next time you encounter any issues with your smartphone try to fix it at home. You can visit or Yaantra’s Blog/Resource page for guidance and tips related to minor smartphone errors. You can cover the minor faults by following an easy maintenance regime and for everything else there is YAANTRA!

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