Monday, 12 March 2018

13 Ways to Increase Smart Phone’s Battery Life

It’s quite possible that you would ask for a never-ending battery if you meet a genie and he asks you for 3 wishes! What if we tell you not to waste that one wish on the battery because we have come up with some useful hacks and solutions that will help you use the battery for longer than usual. 2500mAh, 3000mAh, 4000mAh, 5000mAh all can drain in a few hours because we do a lot of work on our smartphone. From shopping to business to everything we are always online and performing some or the other task.  

So, without much ado let’s get started with the 13 solutions and hacks that you must try to use the battery more efficiently and for longer than usual.       

  • Don’t Charge Overnight: Overcharging will damage the battery and device. Don’t keep the phone plugged into the charger after 100% charging.
  • Don’t Use the Phone while Charging: If possible don’t use the phone while it’s charging as it will take longer to charge. Switch off or put the phone on airplane mode to fasten the charging.
  • Switch off Wi-Fi, GPS & Bluetooth When Not in Use: Wi-Fi, GPS & Bluetooth use a lot of battery so do turn them off when not required.   
  • Download Apps from Authorized Sources: Make it a habit to download the apps from the authorized sources. Fake apps can bring virus along and can also impact the battery.    
  • Manually adjust the Brightness: Do not put the phone on auto brightness mode. Manually adjust the brightness as per your requirement as auto mode will brighten the screen more than required.
  • Turn off Camera Flash: Keep the flash off and turn it on only when required.
  • Delete Unnecessary Apps: Make it a habit to review the phone’s memory on monthly basis and delete the unnecessary content and apps from it.  
  • Enable LED Notification for Important Apps Only: LED notification in different colors for different apps is definitely impressive, but it’s consuming a lot of battery too. Enable LED notification for really important apps. 
  • 1 to 5 Minutes Screen Timeout: Maximum 5-10 minutes screen timeout is ideal. Setting it beyond 10 minutes will waste a lot of battery.  
  • Use Signal Boosters to Ease the Pressure from the Battery:  If you live in an area where signal strength is weak, then you must install signal boosters in your home/workplace. Your smartphone will consume a lot of battery if the signal strength is weak.   
  • Use Branded & Original Chargers/Cables: Use branded and official chargers/cables. Duplicate and off-brand chargers will harm the battery and device.    
  • Don’t Download Battery Saving Apps: Don’t download battery saving apps, your smartphone is smart enough to handle the battery efficiently and comes with inbuilt battery saving mode.    
  • Don’t Clear the Most Used Apps from Background: Do not clear the most used apps from the backdrop as your phone will have to start from the scratch when you want to visit the app again. 

With all the above solutions you can use the battery much more efficiently. If you are someone who needs to recharge his/her device more than once in a day then do give these solutions a try and notice the difference. If battery problem still reappears then visit the nearest YAANTRA store and get guidance by certified experts. You can also visit the online store to buy power banks and book repair services.        

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