Friday, 17 November 2017

Common issues with iPhone

Is your iPhone giving you troubles, especially when you need it the most? And now you plan to buy another handset and get rid of this one, expecting that the similar issue will not be seen in your new device. What if we tell you that all these issues can be fixed easily and there is no need to pay a single penny for doing so?

Yes, it is possible. You can start with rebooting your device. Giving your smartphone a restart command can actually help you to get away with the problems like keypad issues or an app not responding. All you have to do is long press (for 3 seconds at least) the power button on the right along the home button until the apple logo appears again on the screen and the problems are gone.

There is no reason to worry if in case your silver/gold/rose/space grey/black device is showing you a white screen with black Apple logo on your screen.
Another problem that can cause you serious troubles if not tackled within time will be the issue of; battery backup. There is a possibility that the battery drains very quickly from 70% to 30% or it doesn’t charge at all or in the worst case your phone shuts down leaving you deserted in the hours of need.

For similar problems, first of all try charging your device to full 100% and not using it at all until then. If it still doesn’t charge then try with another adapter or another USB cable to do so. Even then if the results are not fruitful, then it is time that battery is nothing but a toast and you need to buy a new one immediately.

If not the above given issues then even network connectivity can be a cause of your headache. For any reason if you are not able to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth then in this situation, you can try to toggle on and off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. If that fails then try to connect any other device to figure out whether it’s an issue with the accessory you are trying to connect to or with your device itself and rest depends on the results.

In a situation when your device is not working at all or not responding to any of the solutions then contacting the Apple support is the only option left,  provided your phone is in warranty else a mobile repair shop is your only hope.


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