Thursday, 6 July 2017

How To Save Your Smartphone’s Life From Water Damage This Monsoon?

The weather has been so mesmerising since the past few weeks, dark clouds, crackling lightning sound, thundering clouds, and the freshness in the air when it starts to rain makes us all fall in love with monsoon.  It does not matter, whether you are a children or a grown up, this monsoon season brings back some happy memories for everyone. However, the same monsoon season can prove to be a curse for your smartphones.

There is a possibility that you may get your expensive smartphone drenched in rain or it may have fallen in the puddle. This can happen with anyone. Your smartphone can be the next victim of water damage.  But how would you manage to get over it? Is there anything that you can do to prevent your smartphone from water damage?
Don’t sweat! We are here with series of precautionary measures that you should take to protect your smartphone from getting wet this Monsoon season:

1.    Use Smartphone Umbrella 

With technology developing rapidly, there are number of smartphone accessories available in the market for protecting your smartphone. Phone Umbrella is one of the precious accessories, especially in monsoon season that helps not just to protect your smartphone from getting wet; it even ensures that you use your mobile device without even wondering about rain anymore.
To some extent, it’s also cool to have a smartphone umbrella in rain, especially if you are a fan of flaunting new stylish stuff.

2.    Carry Smartphone Polybag

In childhood, you must have seen you parents using plastic bag for saving their smartphone from water damage. However, it never looked cool to use polybag for smartphones. The tech experts have upgraded those same polybags and have made them look cooler and more effective. It is specially designed for the monsoon season and is available easily in mobile accessories shop.

3.    Be Wise, Don’t Use It when It Rains:

The best possible way to protect your smartphone from getting wet is simply not to use it in the rain. It’s just that simple! Is there any need to pick a call, while sacrificing the life of a smartphone? I don’t think so! If it’s not important avoid it. With all these accessories and a bit of care, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of a smartphone even in this monsoon season. Nevertheless, in case you need repair service from water damaged phone, you can contact Yaantra, which is India’s leading mobile repair company.

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