Wednesday, 12 July 2017

DIY - Repair Your Phone

Looking for a solution for your defective phone and the service centre is pushing your monthly budget? So, the thought of repairing your device on your own must have crossed your mind. Although it is not an easy task and quite risky too, having the right set of tools and a little know how about your phone can prove to very economical when compared to the repair centre cost.

Well you should definitely look for other options like claiming your insurance for your phone (in case you have one), going to a trusted and verified repair centres and then estimating the cost. You should check whether your phone in warranty or not. If yes then you might get your repair done in free or they might provide you with a new handset altogether.  

Repairing your device can be worthy but keep in mind that once you do so, you void the warranty of your phone completely. Here we will tell you all the things that you should know before you self operate your phone and end up taking its life by mistake. Taking advantage of the amazing era of internet, anything you want to know to attempt repairing your phone, is easily available, be it in the form of videos or tutorials. So if you are confident enough and have minimal knowledge about the repair techniques then this might work out perfectly for you.

The main catch here is about the right set of tools that are required to fix a phone. Your phone is assembled using a bunch of tiny screws which cannot be removed using the general screwdriver set available in your house. You are advised to go through the manual available at your disposal and make a list of what is required, depending upon the making of your phone. Make sure your working environment is clean, as dust may bring another problem in pursuit of handling one. Say, you are trying to fix your phone’s screen or internal speaker; you have to have the genuine product in hand. Refer to trusted sources to gather the required parts which are actually very cheap, but again be careful and do not end up buying something shoddy in quality.   

Now the next step is to disassemble the device. It can be tough forcing smart phone components open. The inside of most smartphones is messy and confusing. Sometimes it will feel like you’re going to break parts if you press any harder and sometimes you will end up breaking something. Again some smartphones are much easier to take apart and fix than others, depending on the body design and brand reputation. Certain repairs are not worth the bother of attempting and there are parts and tools that you simply can’t get at a reasonable price.

An experienced repair expert will know where to get the right parts from, they’ll have the right tools, and they’ll be able to do the repair quickly and efficiently. So, if at any point you feel there is a chance that your phone might not lit up again, go to a trusted repairing partner, or even better go to Yaantra. And get your device fixed within a given time frame and at an affordable price

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