Friday, 16 June 2017

Unboxed Smartphones vs New Smartphones! Which One should I Buy?

Unboxed or new! Which one is better? Why New? Why not unboxed? Is it safe to buy unboxed smartphones? How to choose between these two? Which factors do I have to consider while choosing between unboxed and new cellphone? Since our life depends a lot on smartphones, it becomes a challenging task to choose an ideal mobile device especially when we do have an option of getting same device at different price tag.

Just like me, there are number of people out there who find it  difficult to choose the right one between unboxed smartphone and new phone.  There are number of factors that you should keep in mind before buying unboxed or new phone: 

1.    Price

Unboxed Phone: Affordable

The one thing about buying unboxed smartphone is that you can own any branded smartphones at moderate price tag. The average price difference between new phone and unboxed phone is of around 3-4 thousands. It means you will save enough money to have dinner at Taj.

New Phone:  Bit Expensive
On an average, new smartphones are bit expensive. Not everyone can afford a new smartphones and even there is no need to buy new one, when you have an option of grabbing same unboxed mobile device at lowest price.

2.    Quality

Unboxed:  Not New but Still Premier Quality

One myth that most of the people have about unboxed phone is that it’s a second hand phone and lacks quality. But this is just a myth as unboxed phones are not used and it ensures seamless multi-functionalities like new one.

New One: New But Doesn’t Promise Premier Quality

Buying new phone means that we will have some surety as far as quality is concerned because new smartphone won’t need any assistance for specific time. But it is just a perception. There have been cases, where even a new phone strikes with all sorts of mobile faults. Thus the question arises, what is the need of buying a new phone?

3.    Warranty

   Unboxed:  Extended Warranty

Worry about warranty on unboxed cellphone? You don’t need to! Because Sellers and manufacturers are providing warranty on all unboxed smartphones. Make sure to shop budget phones from seller as they offer warranty for longer period of time than manufacturer.

New One: Warranty that Doesn’t Worth

You will get at least 1 year of warranty on new smartphones but that does not worth it because even new phone strikes is not mortal against all faults and physical damages.

4.     Shipping

Unboxed Phone:  Expected But Costly Shipping

Mostly customers have a perception that you won’t get free shipping on the purchase of budget phones? But verified certified platform like yaantra promises free shipping or charges minor amount on the delivery of unboxed smartphone.  

You can expect free shipping with new smartphones, but not every smartphone dealer provides free shipping. Instead they charge handsome amount that will add on the price of smartphones that makes it more expensive.

All these factors together ensure that buying unboxed smartphone will be a wiser decision. So what you are waiting for? Reach out to the nearest store or book online your desirable unboxed mobile device now.

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