Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How To Recover Water Damaged Phone?

It’s been one havoc nightmare to ever experience water damage with your mobile device. Nothing worse can happen than this, especially in case you have dropped it in swimming pool or in toilet. Probably with water damage, one might opt to replace it with new phone. However, not everyone can afford to do so & thus; it becomes prominent to be get thorough knowledge to deal with water damage.

How Water Damage affects mobile phone?

The time mobile get dropped in water; it start affecting it & all began with water corrosion that often results in breakdown of metal with the exposure of metal  with environment chemicals. However, there is no such guarantee that how much time it will take to start corrosion – it may take few hours or may even take few days to start showing off.  Basically, how often corrosion starts reflecting depends mainly upon three major factors:

Ø How long the phone has been submerged in water.
Ø Level of Humidity
Ø How mobile has been manufactured.

What effects does water damage have on your mobile device?

The water damage has diverse affects on the mobile phones, simply because a mobile device has series of tiny components and even,if it affects one component than it can affect other components easily.  The worst part is that it can even damage screen with getting tapped between LCD Lights, which is even severe than broken phone screen with leaving water marks on the screens. Apart from this, charging pot & jack pot are easily accessible to water damage & needs to get replaced.

With water damage being considered as one of major mobile issues, it needs instant assistance to make sure it does not cost your mobile’s life before taking it to certify mobile repairing shop.  

1.    It’s been a quite obvious that the more time phone will remain immersed in water, the serious issues it will have. Make sure to take it out ASAP from water to avoid further damage to your phone.
2.    Never press your mobile to check whether it is working of not.
3.    Remove every removable part of mobile device including battery, SIM, case & memory card.
4.    Take out towel or tissue paper to dry up wet smartphone, but never rub it. Even, do not shake your device to take out water as it enhances the chances that water might get spread in other parts of device.
5.    Rub your wet mobile with alcohol as it helps in displacing the water.
6.    Never use hair dryer to remove out water because it may push water into mobile & can cause static electricity, which is even worse than water damage.
7.    Use silica gel packs as drying agent.

Remember one thing, even after trying all the suggestions; make sure to take your water damaged phone to certified repair center for quality assistance from certified engineers. 

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