Thursday, 23 March 2017

Certified Online Mobile Repair Service Vs Local Shop Repairing Services

Need mobile repairing? Perhaps wondering whether to go to local repairing shops or certified online repair service provider? These sorts of debate generally goes inside mind, especially when numbers of things need to be considered before handing over your mobile for repairing. With neck to neck competition going on between local repair shops & online repair service provider, it becomes challenging stuff to take a call between these two.

However,  Yaantra experts have conducted a relevant comparison to enable users to take a right call to hand over their mobic device in the safe hands:

1.       Instant Repairing

Mobile has become lifeline of an individual, with user needs it for every single use & thus, fast repairing becomes prominent value added service which attracts customers.  The local vendor shop promises to fix your mobile phone in minimal time, but they hardly managed to do so with thousands of excuses. On the other hand, online phone repair service provider, keeps their word & repair mobile in allotted time slot. These online players are extremely devoted to their words & tries their hard to fix even typical mobic faults like motherboard replacement, water damage, replacement screen etc in no time.

2.       Quality Repairing

Irrespective of the nature of business, quality is one aspect which attracts customers, especially in smartphone repair industry.
Local retailer claims to aid mobile phone with premium quality repairing but does they really managed to come upon their words?  Stats suggests they won’t as out of 100 mobile repaired by local shops, 70 requires further repairing for other faults, that strikes during repairing which reflects lack of quality that these shop has.

Meanwhile, certified online repair store not juts repair your phone with quality but they make sure that any problem might not reflect again on repaired mobile phone.

3.       Flexible Repairing

Local Vendors are restricted to assist service for limited brands of cell phones & they hardly touch branded products including Apple, & Blackberry. But, online players are equipped with certified manpower to repair all brands of mobile phone with assisting special service for iPhone repair Delhi.

4.       Other Value Added Service

This is one specific region where online mobile repairing players are way too ahead of local mobile phone repair vendors shops. With customers opt to get their mobile repaired from authorised online repair service provider, will enjoy luxury of value added service including free pick up & drop, 1 Month Repair Warranty, Fast turnaround time etc, which local vendors hardly provides.


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